Traversable Path Identification in Unstructured Terrains: A Markov Random Walk Approach

Adam R. Bates, Avleen S. Bijral, Jane Mulligan, and Greg Grudic; ICRA 2009 Accepted.

Many terrains in outdoor robot navigation problems have paths that are
distinct and continuous compared to the non-traversable regions. In
image space these paths correspond to continuous segments that can be
thought of as clusters embedded in image feature space. These segments
very often translate directly to traversable ground plane. In this paper
we build the intuition for semi-supervised methods in path
identification and present a Markov random walk based approach that play album

This is really old. changed their interface, and this script no longer works. I am keeping it up for historic reasons, so people can apply the basic idea of the script to other problems.

Its been over a month since released their new full track player. All in all I am very impressed. As a linux user fighting iTunes and Rhapsody consumed most of my listening time. Since uses a simple flash player there is no need to use a virtual machine or remove a DRM or re-encode. So far is working fine, except in one area. You have to click on each track individually to play it. You can't click on an album and just have it play one track after the other. After a couple of hours playing with greasemonkey and firebug I wrote a very simple greasemonkey script to play the next track in a playlist after the last one ends. It works great!

Mini Greenhouse

The other day I got sick of winter and decided to grow some plants. As a kid my parents had set of seed starter greenhouses. They would plant different veggies in there just before spring so they could have a head start. I figured that this would be a good idea for a simple greenhouse that I could keep and maintain in my apartment. After some searching on Google I found that all the nice mini green houses were too mini or too expensive. I am a creative person so I set out to the hardware store to get some ideas on how to make a custom greenhouse.

Online learning of multiple perceptual models for navigation in unknown terrain

Greg Grudic, Jane Mulligan, Michael Otte, and Adam Bates. 6th International Conference on Field and Service Robotics, 2007.

Using Binary Classifiers to Augment Stereo Vision for Enhanced Autonomous Robot Navigation

A University of Colorado at Boulder Technical Report by Michael Procopio, Thomas Strohmann, Adam Bates, Gregory Grudic and Jane Mulligan. Published in April of 2007.

First 5 pound Largemouth Bass

First 5 pound Largemouth Bass
Early November morning holding the first 5 pound Largemouth Bass I ever caught.

Motorsports Art by Matt Levonas

Just finished a new website for my buddy Matt. Check it out at He make some the coolest drag racing and car art that I have ever seen.

Bill Lodi with a trophy Walleye

Bill Lodi with a trophy Walleye

This is a trophy Walleye my buddy Bill Lodi caught on the Fox River in Wisconsin.

22.5 inch Largemouth Bass.

22.5 inch Largemouth Bass.

This is a 4lbs. 22.5 inch Largemouth Bass that I caught just after the 2004 spawn. I was using a green pumpkin Yum Hawg Craw rigged on a 3/8th ounce Owner Ultra head. I matched this bait with a 6 foot medium heavy fast action Falcon Expert rod and an Abu Garcia 1600 Black Max with 12 Berkley Trilene XT line. I was fishing in 15 to 18 feet of water off a shoreline ledge. A slow hop and drop retrieve was used.

22.25 inch Largemouth Bass

22.25 inch Largemouth Bass

This is a 4.5lbs. 22.25 inch Largemouth Bass that I caught during 2004 spawn. I was using a Carolina rig with a watermelon seed(194) Yamamoto Hula Grub. A 7 foot heavy Falcon rod and 18lbs mono on an Abu Garcia 4600c provided the power to extract the 4.5 pounder from around the trees and rocks. A simple drag wait drag shake retrieve was used.

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